About Us

RTB Event Group

RTB Event Group is comprised of 3 different promotions and marketing companies: We Own the Night Promotions and Events (WON), Dreamland Productions and Noir Entertainment. The group was formed in February 2016 after almost a year of working together on numerous projects and together, each group has compiled an extensive list of accolades and successes.

RTB formed together to do something bigger, more meaningful to us and our followers, than the typical night out or event. We focus our energy on creativity and a showing the crowd more than just another good time that will be overshadowed by the next weekend. We don’t just show you a good time, but we help you create memories.

Dedicated to bringing style and substance back to Houston’s nightlife scene, our parties embody the city’s love of both entertainment and music. Having spent several successful years under the watchful eye of Houston’s finest, RTB’s team has honed both their promotional and hosting skills. Our attention to detail and commitment to throwing the most memorable events has been instilled in an all-star team, who put your satisfaction as their top priority. With a proven track record and promising future, RTB will continue to throw the best parties and most intriguing nights in Houston. RTB taps into the pulse of Houston’s nightlife to make sure that you feel it too.